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DataThinking about registering for Distribute Hackathon, but still have questions? Weve got you covered.Distribute was born from the idea that the brick-and-mortar bros and cubes we know today will be obsolete in the future.The future of work for women is not in an expensive office space. Its in the cloud. Its around the virtual watercooler, not in a cubicle or on a tech campus. Its women working from where they are most productive for both their lives and their careers, says Katharine Zaleski, president and co-founder of PowerToFly. We are so excited to collaborate with Time Inc. and NBBJ on this hackathon.The following video features three of the Distribute judges, Milena Berry, co-founder and CEO of PowerToFly Rob Duffy, Vice President, Mobile Application Strategy and Engineering of Time, Inc. and Ryan Mullenix, Design Partner at architecture and urban planning firm NBBJ discussing the biggest tech trends affecting the workforce, why distributed teams are integral to the future of business and productivity and what code-optional means for hackathon participants.Ready to Distribute? Organize your team and register here. Aki Merced

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Shake Things Up With a Temporary Accounting Job

Shake Things Up With a Temporary Accounting JobShake Things Up With a Temporary Accounting JobIf youre an accounting student, chances are youve been working at a typical college student gig. But it might be smart to shake things up a bit by getting a temporary accounting job.Its a great way to gain the type of real-world experience that makes you more desirable to employers. When you graduate from college and apply for accounting jobs, hiring managers will want to see that you can hit the ground running. If you can show that you have even some prior accounting experience, youll be a more attractive candidate.And no, its not too late. You have plenty of time to get some meaningful experience as one of the soon-to-be millennials in the workplace. Heres why, and how, to get a temporary accounting jobHone your skillsWorking as a temporary professional at an accounting firm or in a companys accounting department gives you an opportunity to practice what youve learned in school. According to the Robert Half Salary Guide, accountants, auditors, payroll managers, and accounts payable and receivable managers are in high demand. Getting your feet wet by working in any of these areas can improve your analytical abilities, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving skills.You may also have the opportunity to work with various types of accounting, compliance and financial analysis software prepare financial statements and reports and compile, verify and code information. But even if youre just performing clerical work, it will help you to better understand the accounting process.Establish vital connectionsTemporary accounting jobs also provide perhaps the best arena for you to form relationships with people who can help you launch your accounting career once you graduate from college. If you perform well, the company will certainly remember you when theyre looking to hire full-time employees. And theyll also be more likely to recommend you to their colleagues.Use a special ized recruiterIf you do decide to look for a temporary accounting job, its a good idea to work with a recruiter who specializes in accounting. These professionals can help you find the right job to fit your time frame - whether its a few days, a few weeks or longer. They also have a good sense of the companys culture and the expectations of particular jobs, so they can connect you with the firm and position that best matches your personality and skill set.Work with Robert Half, a proven leader in helping students like you find rewarding accounting career opportunities.In addition, accounting recruiters are privy to temporary accounting jobs that may not be advertised to the public. And as a bonus, they can provide tips to help you improve your resume, cover letter and interview skills.So before you head back to school this fall, consider using an accounting recruiter to find temporary accounting jobs. Doing so will help you develop skills and experience, while demonstrating to pote ntial employers that youre serious about your career choice.Take a look at some of the things you might hear about temp work that are merely myths Employment Agency Myths from Robert Half

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The World Pet Markets Trend

The World Pet Markets TrendThe World Pet Markets TrendWorld pet markets are growing at a dramatic rate, with a number of countries witnessing higher than ever pet ownership and spending. The U.S. and U.K. have long been the leaders of the world pet market. In fact, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) reported that Americans alone spent $69.5 billion on the pet industry in 2017 - higher than ever before. But there are a number of other countries that are also competing as global pet forces, which makes sense when you consider worldwide sales of pet-related products and services reached $109 billion in 2017. According to Euromonitor International, the Asia Pacific region is the third-largest market for the pet industry. Industry insiders attribute the growing world pet market to the global humanization of pets. This means more cultures now regard companion animals as beloved family members. Below are some of the worlds largest pet markets outside of the U.S. China Accordi ng to news and pet industry reports, Chinas pet industry began to take off since the late 2000s. elend only is the trend attributable to the countrys ongoing economic development - affording the average citizen greater disposable income - the Chinese have joined the pet lovers of the world in regarding their critters as beloved family members. Fun FactChina made international headlines in March 2011 thanks to Big Splash, the red Tibetan Mastiff whose unnamed coal baron owner paid a record-breaking $1.5 million for him. The Chinese pet market continues to grow at rapid rates, in part due to these factors Chinas pet legislation was updated and dog licensing fees were lowered from $285 (USD) per year to $35 (USD) in most suburban areas.China has a low birth rate and a growing number of middle-class adults are choosing to spend money their pets.Some reports indicate the highest increase of pet ownership is with the elderly Chinese population. However, geographically, most of the count rys pet owners are in the eastern part of the country in urban areas.Fish and other aquatic animals have long been revered in the Chinese culture. China is also becoming a pet trade show force. Pet Fair Asia, a pet trade show held each year in Shanghai, has grown steadily since its 1998 debut. It boasts over 700 vendors from 27 different countries selling and promoting their pet wares. China may surpass the United States as the worlds largest pet market. The industry has seen significant gains, with a rise in spending on pet care and supplies to the tune of $25 billion in 2017 - an increase of 27% from the year before. India India is another booming pet market in the world where mom and pop pet retail operations rule. Research reports indicate that Indian consumers have been slow to embrace commercial pet foods, opting to feed their pets homemade fare. But the commercial pet food market is slowly growing. In fact, the value of the nations pet food market could reach about $270 million (USD) by 2019, according to a report by TechSci Research. This is due to the growing number of families living with pets in urban areas. Meanwhile, Euromonitor reported this relative newcomer to the world pet market arena is growing at a rate of about 12% each year. Indias total sales in pet care products reached $287.9 million in 2017 alone. Among the growing pet-related products and services in India are Pet grooming, along with fancy pet spa servicesPet behavioristsYoga for dogsPet magazines Dog-friendly restaurants, where pet parents can treat their pooches to gourmet meals, are also becoming more popular in India. Pet healthcare is also trending in the country, with many vets and health providers offering in-home services for treatment, especially for pet owners who cant transport pet by public transport - animals are generally not permitted in taxis and buses in many parts of India. Russia Another growing force in the pet market is Russia, which has witnessed dram atic growth in the pet food industry. With more Russians taking on the responsibility of pet ownership, concern for their wellbeing is also rising. Many Russian pet owners are trading scraps and human leftovers for dedicated pet food. And that is having a big impact on how the countrys pet food industry has been shaping. Nestle vowed to increase pet food production in Russia in response to growing demand for domestic food. The company began construction on a new facility in 2017 and is expected to complete it by 2019.Mars increased production of one of its five pet food factories in Russia to full capacity in 2018 and invested another $19.5 million in the project. Overall, the Russian pet food market was valued in 2016 at $920.2 million, and could reach as high as $1.18 trillion by 2022, according to research group Mordor Intelligence. This is due, in part, to the rise in demand for domestic pet food, which saw an increase of roughly 20% in 2016. Other Up-and-Coming World Pet Mar kets Other growing markets in the world pet scene are Japan Extravagant pet spending on luxuries continues to increase with more of a preference toward cats.Brazil The country has one of the largest pet populations in the world and sales increase 12 to 17% each year.Vietnam This is, in part, due to its friendly business climate, an abundance of natural resources and its economy. Meanwhile, herptiles are still hotter than ever across the globe.More people than ever (especially in crowded urban meccas) now boasting snakes, lizards, tortoises and other herps as pets. This is just the tip of the iceberg for world pet markets, which are expected to evolve and increase dramatically in the coming years.

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Online Reputation Management Helps Protect a Companys Internet Reputation

Online Reputation Management Helps Protect a Companys Internet Reputation Online Reputation Management Helps Protect a Companys Internet Reputation Next, the company places emphasis on creating several marketing and technical techniques to showcase the company in a positive and productive light when it shows up in search engine listings, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.Ed Eshel, founder of Online Reputation Management, made this statement about the new service We have seen a significant increase in cases where companies have contacted us because an ex-employee, usually someone who has been fired or left under stressful circumstances, has posted disparaging comments onlineRecently, Online Reputation Management assisted a reputable media company in Texas to remove slanderous comments and articles that were posted online by a disgruntled ex-employee. The attack on the company was having a negative effect, as fewer applications for graduate positions were coming in. Once the company fo und out why there had been a decrease, they quickly hired Online Reputation Management to take control of the situation. Removing most of the negative articles and posts, Online Reputation Management made sure that the companys profile was seen positive once again online.Not only does Online Reputation Management repair online reputations, they also maintain them with various tools and strategies. For more information, please visit their website at

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How to Sell Yourself at Your Next Job Interview

How to Sell Yourself at Your Next Job InterviewHow to Sell Yourself at Your Next Job InterviewWhen self-promotion doesnt come as naturally to you as product promotion does, here are 5 tips to help you master the most important marketing presentation. Meet Henry.Henry is a world-class marketer and Olympian corporate-type, who launched many best-in-class consumer products into the market that went on to become hugely successful. Having worked for the best firms across many sectors, there are very few things that he cant do.Through his work, Henry exhibits an impressive set of skills in finding market opportunities for any product he manages, devising the best go-to-market strategies across geographies, and garnering consumer insights to craft winning tactics and extend their target audiences. Needless to say, he is an undeniably gifted marketer and salesman.So why cant Henry sell himself?Many gifted salespeople who can effortlessly sell any object or idea struggle to promote themselves . A lack of self-promotion skills can be a matter of humility, or an inability to objectively landsee the skills and value you bring to the table. By identifying your strengths and knowing your value, you can promote yourself confidently and professionally without coming across as arrogant.5 Tips to Selling Yourself at Your Next Job InterviewRemove the Emotions. If you struggle to self-promote, you must depersonalize the process and capitalize on your product and idea marketing skills. Think of it this way this time, you are the product/investment. Present yourself as such by making it about what you can do and how you can benefit the company.Know the Facts. Know your proof points and base your pitch on facts. Give examples of when you saved time or money for a company. Have you created successful marketing strategies? What are ways that past companies have benefited from your expertise? These facts alone should speak strongly about your performance.Know Your Unique Selling Proposit ion (USP). Dive deep into your personal brand and develop your USP. What distinguishes you from the rest? Are you an IT professional with a bubbly personality? Being both analytical and sociable is a strong USP. Think through your unique qualities and brand yourself that way. Share those insights and connect the interviewers with how you intend to add value to the company.Examine Your Endorsements. What great things have people said about you? Think about how others have praised you, and take note. Look at your online endorsements what do people say? Use this praise to help strengthen your confidence in sharing what you bring to the table.Practice Your Presentation. Once you have depersonalized the process and embraced that you are to be invested in, start practicing your presentation. Rehearse the facts that make you highly valuable to the company, and know your numbers and proof points. Practice incorporating your USP into your job interview. Use your endorsements as motivators t o remind you that people respect and praise your work and worth.Henry testifies now that it was employing this new perspective that catalyzed a change in his job search process, as it led him to seek stretch opportunities in a new sector that he would not have attempted before. He recently applied for a lower-level role at his target company in his target sector, and the company is moving his candidacy to a role two levels up, despite his lack of industry experience.What Henry trained himself to do was rethink his skill set and experiences as if he were considering a products opportunities in a new market. By learning to take the emotion out of the equation, he was able to focus on the experiences and skills that he already had to fulfill a new role.

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Technology Brings Clean Water and Nutrition to Central America

Technology Brings Clean Water and Nutrition to Central America Technology Brings Clean Water and Nutrition to Central America Technology Brings Clean Water and Nutrition to Central AmericaGuatemala is a Central American country with great opportunities to innovate. Despite natural resources such as rivers, lakes, and mountains, a large portion of the population lacks access to sufficient water. The sources are not reliable and in most cases, the water is not clean. An aggravating factor is contamination.Another challenge in Guatemala is nutrition. According to UNICEF, 43.4 percent of children in the country are chronically malnourished. Chronic malnutrition strikes indigenous children hardest. unterstellung children commonly live in rural areas and account for as many 80 percent of those who suffer malnutrition.Made-in-Guatemala solutions, like Bici-Tecs bike machine address issues such as clean water access and malnutrition. Credit EngineeringForChangeGuatemalans have developed some technologies to address the issues of clean water access and malnutrition. These are made-in-Guatemala solutions to problems that are found all around the world, but that are acute in this lush Central American country.Founded in 2012, Bici-Tec is a social business focused on the design and implementation of bici-tecnologa (bike-related tech) to solve common-day problems. Bici-tecnologa is human-powered technology that can conserve physical effort. It is used mainly in rural areas. Some of the designs include pedal-powered water pumps, corn shellers, and coffee pulpers.For You Targeting Chinas Mountains of Sludge Bici-mquinas (bike machines) are made to order. The most popular ones are the water pump and the corn sheller. The main advantages of bici-mquinas are that they work without electric power, they have a long lifetime of six or more years, and they are easy to use.Ecofiltro is a ceramic pot water filter intended mainly for homes and schools. The filter is made of clay, sawdu st, and colloidal silver. The company of the same name, Ecofiltro, uses an innovative social business model where they offer different presentations of the filter from plastic to ceramic.In the 1950s INCAP (Instituto de Nutricin de Centro Amrica y Panam) developed a nutritional supplement called Incaparina to address malnutrition in Guatemala. Incaparina contains corn flour and soy flour fortified with vitamin A, calcium, and riboflavin, among other vitamins and minerals. It can be found in powdered form for preparation at home or as a liquid ready-to-drink beverage. In 1959 INCAP presented the product and sold the license for mass production to Corporacin Castillo Hermanos. A longitudinal study was conducted from 1969 to 1991 proving that children who consumed Incaparina from conception through their third year were taller and heavier than those who did not.Kingo, another solutions-oriented company, was founded in 2013 by four entrepreneurs looking to improve human capacity by prov iding off-the-grid electricity at a low cost. Users can buy energy by the hour, day, week, or month the way they buy mobile phone minutes, making it more accessible. Users can buy credits from local salesmen directly or in designated stores. The energy they buy comes from solar generation systems (called Kingos) and is delivered to the end computer-nutzer using a cloud-based software platform. Kingo has made its mission to light up 1 million homes by 2021.Mayari Perez is a former E4C Research Fellow pursuing a B.S. degree in mechanical and industrial engineering at Universidad del Valle in Guatemala. Read MoreTargeting Chinas Mountains of SludgeEnergy Storage Smooths the Duck Curve5 Reasons for Engineers to Give Back For Further Discussion

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What You Dont Know About Adding Linkedin to Resume May Shock You

What You Dont Know About Adding Linkedin to Resume May Shock You Or all you have to do is click the word Profile itself. Youve successfully produced a Jar File. You might want to change the file names so that you know which is which. Choose the Java folder and click the Runnable Jar File. Ensure your profile is left up to date instead of only a repeat of your resume. Which is extremely important part of your professional Resume. Resumes may be organized in several ways. This profile template can help you to do exactly that. The great thing is that you may also add resume on LinkedIn. Men and women make common resume and LinkedIn mistakes all of the time heres the best way to avoid them. Another means to do it is to construct your own list. Follow up with those who havent opened the schmelzglas after a few days with a reminder. In addition, in LinkedIns iOS app, you may use it upon your own profile to see which of your rivals are knocking on doors and receiving traction with your targets. There are a great deal of available tools if you should find information regarding the technologies their companies use, before talking to them. Hire out your talent on a number of the platforms mentioned previously or explore others. Prospective employers are able to at a glance, visit LinkedIn to find out more about you and your abilities and qualifications. Job seekers should incorporate an assortment of recommendations with their profile to demonstrate that others respect the caliber of their work. In case you have any internship experience and believe, youve done a substantial quantity of work and benefitted the organization, that could be mentioned too beneath a section of Internships. LinkedIn will reveal to you your connections and ask if you would like to endorse them. LinkedIn makes it quite simple to continue to keep tabs on people. Others may not be on LinkedIn but, there ought to be a good number of followers. Now you understand how to list Lin kedIn on resume in a skilled and effective way. In some instances you might have a gap of a month or two or more between leaving a job and receiving a new job. Others want a career change. Ideal for everybody to advertise their finest skills and get a dream job. Youve got to analyse your writing skills since it will be in a position to assist you to evaluate your strength and weakness, which consequently is going to get strong influence on your career. If you document what you were making, you might be selling yourself short, and should you say how much youd like to make, you might be killing any possibility of an interview. If you have enough time, you can learn how to do everything yourself. In the event youre applying for leave when youve taken a holiday because of an illness or unanticipated conditions, then you should alter the structure of the letter marginally. There are lots of reasons you may want to have a leave of absence from the job. The purpose is to alleviate p overty. If you trust the job of a connection, and youre in a place to earn a referral for their services, do so. Enhanced and well-coordinated communication skills are the sole foundation of any corporation. Rather than focusing on salary now, pay attention to your qualifications.